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Who We Are

It all started back in 1995 as gifts for my customers while I worked in sales for a welding supply company. My Nana's recipe for her Bread & Butter Pickles was the first product we produced. We actually began the business as Nana's Pantry using mostly her recipes, but as I grew the business I started to make hot sauces. My first two successful hot sauces were the Dragon's Breath and Dragon's Fire, which with the introduction of the Ghost Pepper, Dragon's Fire was renamed "Ghost Tonic." Today, Ghost Tonic is our best selling product. The sauce that I developed shortly after that was Adramelech's Fire Sauce, which also contains the Ghost Chili Pepper and a few other ingredients to give it a great taste. We still continue to create sauces that are not only hot but still have a delicious flavor. All our sauces are all natural and require refrigeration after they are open, which also helps retain freshness. Our highest goal is to produce great-tasting sauces with top-quality ingredients. 

Shawn Allison

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