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       Flower & Garden

            2014 & 2015




From   (USD) To   (USD)    Rate(USD)

         0.01                   18.00              8.50

         18.01                 35.00            12.00

         35.01                 50.00            15.00

         50.01                 70.00            18.00

         70.01         and          up        21.00




Who We Are

​It all started back in 1995 while working in the sales field in the welding supply business as gifts for my customers. It started with my Nana's recipe for her Bread & Butter Pickles. We started....... 

Hot Sauces

Our Hot Sauces are created to have Heat as well as Flavor, 

BBQ Sauces

Our  Bar-B-Que sauces are created in the same unique way that our Hot Sauces are created